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Healthcare Adda

Health Care Adda is the brand new face of telemarketing firm pioneering in Health and medical concerned herbal products with a couple year's experience and countable employees to begin with, Established in the year 2016, with a small layout as an initiative and 35 individuals to handle it has seen appreciable grown towards success. Health Care adda has excelled to impress many customers with products made from natural ingredients like Shilajeet, Ashvangdha, Chiraita and so on.

Health care adda is happy to serve people in need and is now expanding in various districts of India.

Health care adda believes ayurvedic products are the best health care medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is the world's oldest way to cure diseases. There are so many benefits of using ayurvedic products like it has no side effects, it provide healthy and glowing skin, reduce stress , weight loss and so on.

Why Choose Us

Health care adda products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are rigorously clinically proven. Health care adda is ISO certified and registered organization focusing solely on customer satisfaction. Every product manufactured goes through various lab test to reach its Customer's Expectation.

Customer Satisfaction

The major reason Health care products receives many positive remarks is because we keep customers satisfaction as the foremost priority. We carry out regular survey to initiate the trust and satisfaction amongst customer towards our products.