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Why Choose Health Care Adda ?

100% Natural Herbs

Made from processed natural extracts and ingredients with 0% adultery.

ISO 9001

An ISO certified firm set up in 2016.

Registered Company

An authorized organization to make the world a happy place with natural products.

Products are clinically proven

Rigorously tested to ensure healthy and safe well-being of customers.

High Quality Herbal

All products after being processed go through several clinical test to make sure of general standard made by government.

Tested for heavy metals

Every product gone through certain test to make sure of no adverse effect.

Best Selling

30 % off

Health Care Adda

Arogya Aushdhi

Arogya Aushadi is an ayurvedic product used to deal with your all health related issue. Arogya Aushadi contains oil and capsule.

2,799.00 3,999.00

30 % off

Health Care Adda

Madhumeh Nashak

Madhumeh Medicine kit is a unique composition containing herbal extracts and nutrients that help to support healthy blood sugar level.

2,449.00 3,499.00

35 % off

Health Care Adda

i-Herbal Care

I-Herbal Care is an ayurvedic capsule and oil for joint pain, weight loss. It is made by highly researched and proven herbs.

3,249.00 4,999.00

35 % off

Health Care Adda

Keshbardhak Vati Kit

Keshvardhak vati kit is an ayurvedic oil and 60 capsule. By applying this oil on your hair and massaging boost the texture and strength of hair.

3,249.00 4,999.00

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Healthcare Adda

Health Care Adda is the brand new face of telemarketing firm pioneering in Health and medical concerned herbal products with a couple year's experience and countable employees to begin with. Established in the year 2016, with a small layout as an initiative and 35 individuals to handle it has seen appreciable grown towards success. Health Care adda has excelled to impress many customers with products made from natural ingredients like Shilajeet,  Ashvangdha,  Chiraita and so on. Health care adda is happy to serve people in need and is now expanding in various districts of India.

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